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The idea behind DRAAD magazine is to inspire you with amazing flies. From works of art – that probably never get wetted –to the finest, most effective and targeted fishing flies.

We like to think that creativity evokes creativity and, as we all know, images inspire so much more than words. That is why this magazine is built on a concept of 80% images and 20% text.

Be inspired and inspire others, and let us know how you feel.
Peter sikking

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DRAAD magazine

DRAAD magazine is made by a permanent global team of fly tying editors. Beside the DRAAD team we like to invite, for every new edition, some guests.

Guests for this issue are: Evgenii Borovin: Russia, Heinz Zöldi: Austria, Peter Butler: USA, Christian Trilken: Germany, Christopher krysciak: Canada, and Andre Miegies: The Netherlands.

DRAAD team: Luca Baroselli (Italy) – Fabien Moulin (Norway)- Erik, aka, Svend Diesel (USA).



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    April, 2021

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Second issue

Issue 2 of DRAAD Magazine

Welcome to the second edition of DRAAD magazine.

First of all I want to thank you for the incredibly nice responses we received following the first issue of this magazine. Starting a magazine is always a gamble but starting one in the middle of a worldwide crisis is a big leap into the unknown. I think I can speak for the whole team when I say that we were a bit confounded by it.

Issue two of DRAAD magazine is, just like no 1, mainly focused on inspiration, and less on guiding you step by step.

From the beautiful city of Amsterdam, which I haven’t visited for almost a year now, I wish you a great summer and I hope to hear from you somewhere in the middle of September.

All the best

Peter Sikking

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Guests for this second issue of DRAAD magazine are:
Lucas Utrera: Argentina, Sweden: James Lund, Russia: Andrew Denisenko, Russia: Evgenii Borovin, USA: Bo Wentworth