Promoting fly fishing in general and more specifically to  people in the age between 30 – 45.


Advising fly fishing related organizations in communicating and visualizing their message.

Helping charities by offering free advertisement in our magazine.

Publishing our Cast Away magazine. A fly fishing magazine made in cooperation with younger fly fishermen from all over the world 


In 2018 we held several surveys under two target groups (age 8-18 and 30-45).

We put the results in a ‘why-where-how’ sheet. In short, we predict a 18-25% grow of young(er) fly anglers for 2021 in Europe.

Although the trend seems to be, at least in the age between 16 – 24, that a fly rod is just an other tool to catch fish, we also see a transfer, in a later stadium (age 34-45), to fly only. 

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