Denmark sea trout camp

Norway grayling camp

Dutch pike camp

In collaboration with The Denmark sea trout lodge we offer a 4 day sea trout adventure camp. 

This trip includes a 4 night stay in the one and only Denmark sea trout lodge on Funen.

Including all meals and 4 hours guiding. Daily information about the best place to fish.

Form more info about discovering Danish sea trout, please use the contact form below.

One part of the mighty Glomma river in Norway is the place to be for a discovery trip for grayling.

Not only is the place we take you fly only but it is proven the best place for big grayling in Norway.

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The Netherlands is well known for their tulips and clogs but fishing for Dutch pike is climming the charts.

Dutch pikes are famous for their size. But like every fishery, you have to know where to go.

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