fish migration the movie

fish migration

Dear fishermen.

Just a few words from one fishermen to another. Because I am sure you noticed that lately a lot has been said about awareness or at least about: consciously dealing with….. About where our food comes from, about  how to stay healthy, about how to enjoy live and what to do with our environment……It goes on and on. And don’t get me wrong, it is a lot but it is a good thing. These are the years of awareness. And  better late than never! Because, you know just as I do, we made quite a mess.

Peter Sikking

Check out the movie (link below)!

We are proud to announce the public launch of the LOVE FLOWS documentary directed by Francisco Campos-Lopez.

This documentary captures the stories of events from World Fish Migration Day 2018 and highlights the understanding of the impacts of dams and the people who are working to make positive differences for rivers.

Herman Wanningen


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