Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non-profit organization?

A non-profit organization doesn’t make any profit. What is not the same as making no money. SIMPEL: OTHERS PROFIT FROM THE MONEY WE MAKE! AND THAT IS THE WHOLE IDEA! Also we are bound to all kinds of legal do’s and don’ts. Transparency is a major part. So every year we publish our annual accounts on this website!

How can I become an ambassador?

There are many ways to become part of we are fly fishing: - Start to buy and wear the we are fly-fishing T-shirt. - Become an writer for our magazine (see specs under çareers') - Share your adventures on our blog. - Inspire people by sharing this website and social media. - Inspire people with your own stories.

I have a company how can I collaborate?

If you are working for, or you own a fly-fishing related company, you can get involved in more than one way. We made a special BECOME A PARTNER info-graphic you can download as a pdf under 'advertising'on this website. And of course right here. Just click the paper!

Advertisement cost?

You can find all our partner possibilities in the downloadable pdf right here!

Where can I find the annual account?

Every year we publish our annual account on this website on the 'plan page'(see 'plans')

Are their any openings?

We are always looking for fun, adventurous staff to complete our team!

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