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A fly a day

You probably know the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Now I know an apple doesn’t help against Corona but being positive maybe will. So I thought let’s post a fly a day and include a fly … Read More

Rudy van Duijnhoven

Creating room for fly fishing

Creating room for flyfishing The projects under the Dutch ‘Room for the River’ programme not only enlarge the available streambed space for rivers, but also provide us fly anglers with new water to fish in the Netherlands. In order to … Read More

Holger lachmann

Tips & trics using uv resin Holger Lachmann

Tips & tricks using UV resin UV-activated resin (or UV resin for short) is a super cool material for fly tying, no matter whether you tie nymphs, dries or streamers. However, some people still struggle a bit when using UV … Read More

cast away magazine

Test Urus pants & Xera jacket Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson Brand Talk Test Test Urus pants & Xera jacket Geoff Anderson The Urus pants from Geoff Anderson became, from day one, my first choice when fishing from the bank. The dungaree shaped pants is for me the pants … Read More

geoff anderson

Interview founder & CEO Geoff Anderson

Interview founder & CEO Geoff Anderson Why and when did you start GA M: It all started when I was studying to be an airplane mechanic/engineer. In the spring break a friend told me that he was aware of a … Read More

cast away magazine

Kola Peninsula

Kola Peninsula On the northwestern part of Russia, on the border with Norway, there is a bulbous peninsula directly to the east of that border. This is the Kola Peninsula. This vast piece of land is part of the territory … Read More

world fish migration day

world fish migration day

world fish migration day Migration Fish migrate up and down rivers, some even out into lakes, the sea, or ocean, to complete their lifecycles; some species may swim more than 10,000 km within a single year between breeding and feeding … Read More

fish migration

fish migration the movie

Dear fishermen. Just a few words from one fishermen to another. Because I am sure you noticed that lately a lot has been said about awareness or at least about: consciously dealing with….. About where our food comes from, about  how to stay … Read More


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